Xiantao Tianxiang Surveying Marks Co., Ltd. is located in Yewang Road Yewang Industrial Park, Xiantao City, Hubei Province. It is a comprehensive company integrating surveying and Mapping Engineering undertaking, operation, surveying and mapping instrument sales, surveying and marking production, surveying and mapping technology and consulting services. After years of operation, the company has strong economic strength and business ability.

Xiantao tianxiang survey, the pioneer and leader of China's survey mark

Surveying marks are the company's superior products: subsidence observation marks, GPS mark, leveling mark, elevation mark, cross control mark, compulsory customization of monitoring marks for foundation pit (landslide) of middle base mark (mark) brand, etc. The company is a professional and authoritative enterprise producing various surveying marks on a large scale in China; as a benchmarking enterprise in this industry, it has many inventions and new ones. Type I utility patents can guide the market trend of measurement marks and provide more accurate measurement data. At the same time, our company cooperates closely with design institutes (survey institutes) and surveying and mapping institutes in order to exceed the imagination of peers and customers, design and produce products that are more practical, more economical, more beautiful and more accurate; as the benchmark of the same industry, products are widely used: Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Shanghai-Kunming passenger college, Chengyu passenger college, Chengmian-Le passenger college, Lanxin passenger college, Daxi passenger college, Jiaozhou Bay cross-sea bridge. Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Sea-Crossing Bridge, Algeria East-West Highway (China Railway Construction Commonwealth, CITIC Commonwealth, Japan, Italy Commonwealth), Three Gorges Dam, South-to-North Water Transfer Project, China Academy of Sciences National Observatory 500m Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) Project, Surveying and Mapping Institutions and Cadastres of Provinces and Cities, Geological and Mineral Surveying Units, Hydrographic Surveying and Mapping, National Key Projects, etc. With our quality, we are deeply trusted by users, and have received unanimous praise and praise.

Over the years, the company's performance has proved that our products are advanced in technology, reliable in quality, reasonable in price and perfect in service. In response to the needs of customers and friends of Surveying and mapping units, the company has expanded its business scope to provide professional surveying and mapping technology and consulting services. It mainly undertakes professional surveying and Mapping Engineering operations, drives the sales of Surveying and mapping instruments and surveying markers, and provides one-stop surveying and mapping services.

The company has good cooperation with provincial and municipal surveying and mapping institutes and cadastral surveying units. Through cooperation, it undertakes professional surveying and mapping projects, including topographic surveying, cadastral surveying, GPS surveying, control surveying, municipal engineering surveying, line surveying, house surveying, settlement surveying, construction lofting, completion surveying and steel structure surveying.

With the technical core of Surveying and mapping as the backing, the company provides comprehensive surveying and mapping technology and consulting services to customers with the idea of ensuring continuous and accurate data, and is committed to providing the best cost-effective surveying technology products and excellent services to friends in the surveying and mapping industry in China and even in the world.

The company's agents are Leica Switzerland, Topcon Japan, Shanghai Huazhong X Series, Beijing Sanding, South, Su Yiguang, Nikon Japan, Sojia, Jisibao, Leishiqi, Lesser and so on. Product types are: total station, theodolite, level, laser marker, hand-held GPS, GNSS equipment, laser rangefinder, ranging telescope, walkie-talkie and other mapping instruments and supplies.

We firmly believe that with our professional technology, mature experience and good reputation, we will continue to maintain the company's good image in the eyes of our customers and friends, so that customers can always rest assured of us.

Intention, sincerity and sincerity

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